A Die Hard Entrepreneur and Business Strategist from New York – Paul Parmar

As a business owner, there are lots many things that you need to take care of in order to reap the results you always hoped for your business. Whether it is about choosing the dedicated resources or about adopting rightful business strategies, it takes lot of knowledge and skills to ensure the smooth functioning of the business. But there are several barriers such as inefficient staff, faulty systems and wrong business strategies that can make you lag behind your competitors. To the help the businesses improve their efficiency and overall productivity, Pegasus Blue Star brings top notch services.

Pegasus Blue Star is a world famous private investment firm that develops business strategies and provides process automation solutions to the fortune companies all over the world. It was founded by Mr. Paul Parmar in 2004 to improve the functioning of the businesses. Paul Parmar is a global entrepreneur and business strategist having more than 13 years of experience at the managerial, executive and planning levels. You may track Paul Parmar on Youtube to get a glimpse of his social and professional activities.

At the age of 19, Paul Parmar received the prestigious “Young Scientist of the Year” by National Science Congress. He started his career with no monetary support or family money and managed to reach to great heights by taking advantage of his own skills. He is now the CEO of $3.3 billion Company having more than 700 employees in seven countries and has served more than 500 global clients. Follow Paul Parmar on Facebook to stay updated about his recent investments.


Make Effective Use of Intelligent Business Models- Paul Parmar

paul parmarWith the ever increased demand for transparency, it has become difficult for healthcare providers to improve their bottom lines. Though by paying extra care and attention, you can keep a check on the extra costs but it is very difficult to reduce them until you adopt effective business models and strategies. In this highly competitive world, it has become essential for your business to adopt right tools and models that can not only meet your present needs but also future requirements.

To help you deal with the challenges, Pegasus Blue Star brings to you a wide array of services that can improve the functioning of your business. It is a private investment firm founded by Paul Parmar in 2004. You may track Paul Parmar on Pinterest to get updated about his latest investments. The founding partner and CEO of the company is a thought leader and a world famous business strategist. He comprehends that intelligent systems need to be incorporated to take your business to the next levels. Follow Paul Parmar on Linkedin to know more.

Further, Paul Parmar adds that healthcare industry has been slow to adopt the advanced business models but the results are impressing. Studies have revealed that the Electronic Health Records system will be implemented in all the hospitals and medical practices by the end of 2015. Hospitals are also making use of RCM systems and have improved the efficiency of accounting departments. Therefore, the lead step taken by the business strategist, Paul Parmar is known to revolutionize the healthcare industry and take it to the next level.