Paul Parmar – A World Famous Business Strategist And Self-Made Entrepreneur

Paul Parmar is a professional and Institutional Investor from New York who has far-reaching experience of more than 20+ years in investing and managing Healthcare Services companies. He is a self-made multi-millionaire in the United States. He is the man who is gifted with exceptional mental abilities and inventive skills.

Paul Parmar holds over 13 years of experience at managerial, executive and planning levels in 500 fortune companies. He is also an active investor in Insignia Investment Management Group, Insignia Wealth Management Group, Funky Buddha Media, Illusions, Inc., JetNetwork and JetFirst, Air Support, LLC and TADS, and International Imaging Network. He is a Director of Beyond Luxury Watch Boutique Pvt. Ltd., Physicians Practice Management, and MDTablet, LLC.

Paul Parmar is the Founder of Pegasus Blue Star, a dynamic private investment firm that helps to improve the performance and productivity of businesses. He has made large investments in the Healthcare Indutry. His flagship company, Constellation Healthcare, is offering a broad range of world class services to medical practices and hospitals. Paul Parmar specializes in business strategy consulting, business process re-engineering, CRM, e-CRM, as well as change management. He is in the business of acquiring, optimizing and consolidating Health Services Buisnesses. He is actively providing expert services in Physicians Medical Revenue Cycle Management, Physicians Practice Management, Physicians Group Purchasing Organizations, Advance Care Organizations, Medical Billing, Claims Audit, Physicians Revenue Improvement and expense optimization.

While Paul Parmar was in college, he received the prestigious award, “Young Scientist Award” from National Science Congress in 1991 for designing and building the world’s first remote monitoring solution for EKG machines. Follow Paul parmar on vimeo


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