A Brief Introduction of the Man of the World- Paul Parmar

Pegasus Blue Star is private investment firm that provides process automation solutions and business strategies to the leading companies all over the world. CEO of the company, Paul Parmar is a man with exceptional mental abilities and holds extensive 13 years of experience at managerial, executive and planning levels in 500 fortune companies. Due to his ingenious mental abilities and knowledge, he is known as “the man of the world”. Started with no family money or financial support, he managed to rise to great heights using his own efforts and skills. He is now CEO of $3.3 billion Company out of which $500 million of the base capital was invested by Paul Parmar himself.

Paul Parmar comprehends that healthcare industry is suffering due to the inefficiencies at administrative, managerial or executive level. An effective approach or strategy needs to be implemented that can overcome the flaws and provide better functioning of the system. Believing so, he develops effective business strategies that can improve the functionality and efficiency of your business. He has passionately transformed media and entertainment industry, private jet industry, and is now all focused to take healthcare industry to the next level. Follow Paul parmar on vimeo.

Paul Parmar is a trained pilot himself. He is passionate about flying airplanes and owns the second largest private aviation company in the United States. He is also a prominent producer and owns a production house “Funky Buddha Group”. It is a dynamic company involved in the production of content, media research, event management, celebrity management both in India and Hollywood stream. Follow Paul parmar on Facebook


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