Get a Glimpse of Social Activities of Paul Parmar

Pegasus Blue Star is private investing firms that works with major companies all over the world and suggest advanced methods and business strategies using which you can improve the functioning of your firm. No matter whether you are a small, a mid-sized or a large company, it you wish to deliver excellent services at lower costs, then Pegasus Blue Star Fund can help you to do so. The Founder and Chairman of the firm Mr. Paul Parmar is a global entrepreneur and business strategist who has helped more than 500 companies all over the world adopt the latest methods by leveraging technology. Follow Paul Parmar on Facebook, to know more about his social activities.

Through Pegasus Blue Star, Paul Parmar holds a portfolio of major companies in the US and India including aerospace, healthcare, media and entertainment, business services, real estate, strategic consulting, etc. Paul Parmar also owns a production house called Funky Buddha Group which is a versatile company involved in content production, films, worldwide distribution, event management, celebrity management and media research both in India and main stream Hollywood. To know more, follow Paul Parmar on vimeo.

Paul Parmar is a trained pilot himself and owns the second largest private aviation company in the United States with a fleet of three personal jets. He is a philanthropist and is seen actively contributing to various faith based charities and organizations. He has tremendous love and appreciation for animals. He has recently purchased several hundred acres of land in Texas to build a tiger sanctuary for the abandoned and abused tigers.


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