Paul Parmar Working to Revolutionize the Fate of Fortune Companies All Over the World

Paul Parmar is a chief example of the world famous business strategist and global entrepreneur. He is the founding partner and chairman of the $3.3 billion company “Pegasus Blue Star”. It is a private investment firm that provides process automation solutions and develops business strategies for the leading companies.

Paul Parmar was innovative with his ideas since his childhood. When in school, he earned the prestigious “Young Scientist of the year” award due to his exceptional mental abilities and skills. He is the prime example of self made entrepreneur who has changed the lives of many. He started his career with no family money or financial support and managed to reach to great heights using his own abilities. He comprehends that there is a need to update our technologies and processes in order to keep pace with the ever increasing market demands. Hence, to solve the purpose, he brings to you the world class technologies and business models that can take your business back on the track. You may follow Paul Parmar on Twitter to remain updated about his latest investments.

Paul Parmar is a trained pilot himself and owns a second largest private aviation company in the United States. He resides in his super amazing mansion in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Paul Parmar’s mega mansion was built by Polo Master Builders and has everything that you could dream of. Apart from his investment activities, he is a philanthropist and is seen actively participating in various faith based charities and organizations. He has tremendous love and appreciation for animals. He has recently purchased several hundred acres of land in Texas to create a tiger refugee for the abandoned and abused tigers. Follow Paul  parmar on Facebook.


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