Paul Parmar- A New York Based Business Visionary

Paul Parmar is a world famous personality known for his innovative ideas and sharp acumen. He is a global entrepreneur and a business strategist. He is the founding partner and chairman of the $3.3 billion company having more than 700 employees in seven countries and global client list of 500. Pegasus Blue Star is a private investment firm that provides process automation solutions and develops business strategies for the leading companies all over the world.

In this highly competitive world, it is essential for you to adopt rightful systems that can improve the efficiency and performance of your business. Therefore, Pegasus Blue Star takes the sole responsibility of taking your business to the next level. Paul Parmar- CEO of the company is an individual with exceptional mental abilities and skills. He started his career with no family money or financial support and managed to reach to great heights taking advantage of his own skills. To get a glimpse of his social activities, follow Paul Parmar on Youtube.

Paul Parmar has keen interest in media and entertainment. He owns a production house “Funky Buddha Group”. It is a versatile company involved in the production of content, media research, event management and celebrity management both in India and US. You may follow Paul Parmar on Fandango, to know more about his film career. He has produced several hit films including “My Sexiest Year”, “Before the devil knows, you’re dead”, “Blackout”, etc. He has been seen sharing association with the prominent personalities from India and United States.


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