Paul Parmar- A Prime Example of Professional and Institutional Leader

With the ever increasing demands to offer transparency in various business operations, it has become difficult for the healthcare providers to enhance the efficiency of their business. Expensive medical costs, training of professionals and changing industrial regulations are several barriers to the path of success. Therefore, to eliminate the extra costs and enhance the efficiency and overall performance of the businesses, Pegasus Blue Star took a lead step. It is a private investment firm providing advanced business strategies and process automation solutions to the leading companies all over the world.

The founding partner and chairman of the company, Mr. Paul Parmar founded the company with an intention of improving the business operations and enhancing the overall productivity and performance of your business. Paul Parmar is a thought leader and an individual with exceptional mental abilities and skills. At the age of 19, he earned the prestigious award “Young Scientist of the Year” award by National Science Congress. He came to US single handedly without any financial support or money. Taking advantage of his own exceptional mental abilities and skills, he managed to grow as a market leader. You may follow Paul Parmar on Facebook, to know more about his social activities.

Paul Parmar is the prime example of the self made multimillionaire of the modern world. He resides in his mega mansion in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Paul Parmar’s mega mansion was built by polo master builders and is spread across 39,000 square foot. It has everything that you could dream of.


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