A Closer Look at the Contribution Made by Paul Parmar in Cancer Treatment Services International

Cancer is a disease of cells. Our bodies are made up millions and trillions of cells. Each cell has its own function. There are as many as 100 types of cancer known to have affected the mankind. What is common among all these types of cancer is the uncontrolled multiplication of the cells. The cancerous cells tend to form the lumps of cells commonly known as tumors. These tumors gradually grow in size and invade to distant tissues and organs. According to the recent studies, large numbers of people are found suffering with the deadly disease cancer every year.

To decrease the pain and agony of the cancer patients, Pegasus Blue Star Fund takes a lead step. The founding partner and chairman of the company, Paul Parmar is a business strategist and entrepreneur who has been investing in various companies to uplift their market value. He has invested in various profitable companies ranging in healthcare, media and entertainment, real estate and private jet industry. Recently, Pegasus Blue Star Fund Completes Investment in Cancer Treatment Services International.

Paul Parmar invested in Cancer treatment services International where patients are given advanced treatment to fight against the deadly disease cancer. Paul Parmar is considered one of the super riches of the United States. He started his career with no financial support or family money and reached to great heights utilizing his own skills and capabilities. You may follow Paul Parmar on Fandango to know more about him. He is a thought leader and is determined to take the leading companies to the next level.


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