Enhance the Efficiencies of your Business with Pegasus Blue Star

To transform the fate of leading industries all over the world, Paul Parmar took a lead step in re-building the business strategies and process automation solutions that can enhance efficiencies and overall performance. Understanding the concern of businesses, he brings to you the world class business models and strategies that can put your business back on the track.

Paul Parmar is a world famous business strategist and global entrepreneur. He is the prime example of self made industrialist. He started his career with no family money or financial support and managed to reach to great heights using his own caliber and capabilities. He founded Pegasus Blue Star in 2004 with an aim to improving the business operations of the industries. Through Pegasus, Mr. Parmar holds the portfolio of various advantageous companies in the US and India ranging in healthcare, media and entertainment, private jet industry and real estate. He has also earned the prestigious “Young Scientist of the year” award by National Science Congress at the age of 19. Follow Paul Parmar on Facebook to get a glimpse of his social activities.

Paul Parmar is the leading example of self made riches. He resides in his mega mansion in colts Neck, New Jersey. Paul Parmar’s mega mansion was built by Polo Master Builders and has almost everything that you could dream of. He is a philanthropist and actively contributes to several faith based charities and organizations. He is a trained pilot himself and owns the second largest aviation company in the United States with a fleet of three private jets.


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