Role of IT Tools in the Healthcare Industry- Pegasus Blue Star

If you are a healthcare provider and in need of intelligent tools that can improve the efficiencies and performance of your system, then there is good news for you that there are several tools and software’s that can enhance the performance of your system. To provide you access to the cutting edge technology, Pegasus Blue Star brings to you a ray of hope and light. It is a private investment firm that has been delivering meticulous services to the fortune companies all over the world.

Paul Parmar founded Pegasus Blue Star with an intention of providing business strategies and process automation solutions to the leading companies all over the world. He has more than 13 years of experience at planning, managerial and executive levels. Through Pegasus, Paul Parmar holds a portfolio of profitable companies both in India and US ranging in real estate and property, media and entertainment, private jet industry and healthcare sector. Pegasus Blue Star is now a $3.3 Billion company out of which $500 base capital was invested by Paul Parmar himself. He is also a producer and owns a production house by the name “Funky Buddha Group”. You may also view Paul Parmar’s executive profile and biography on Businessweek.

Paul Parmar is leading a life that you could not dream of. He resides in his super amazing mega mansion spread across 39,000 square feet’s in Colt’s Neck, New Jersey. He also maintains residencies at Switzerland, Texas and New Delhi. On being asked he says it’s not about necessity but about his status that he enjoys. His amazing mansion has all the basic amenities and luxuries that you could dream of. It has bowling alley, three swimming pools, wine cellar, bar and much more.


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