Paul Parmar – A World Renowned Business Strategist and Industrialist

Paul Parmar – A business strategist and global entrepreneur take a lead step in handling the various operations of the world’s leading companies and provide them effective solutions using which they can improve the performance and functioning of their firm. He is also an active investor in Insignia Investment Management Group, Insignia Wealth Management Group, Funky Buddha Media, Illusions, Inc., JetNetwork and JetFirst, Air Support, LLC and TADS, and International Imaging Network. Track Paul Parmar on Quora, to know about his latest connections.

Pegasus Blue Star, owned and operated by Paul Parmar, is a private equity investing firm that helps the businesses all over the world to rationalize their business operations by leveraging technology. Paul Parmar is a business strategist and global entrepreneur who understand troubles caused due to long revenue cycles, bad debts, rising costs. Moreover, he also comprehends that public demands accountability and transparency in their operations. Considering all these factors, Paul Parmar develops business strategies and operations that can enhance the productivity of your business. Follow Paul Parmar on Youtube, to know about his interests and social activities.

Paul Parmar is one of the super riches of the United States. He resides in his super amazing mansion spread across 39,000 square feet’s. It was built by Polo Master Builders and has everything that you could imagine. He is living a life that most of us could not even dream of. Apart from his busy investment activities, Paul Parmar is passionate about flying airplanes. He is a trained pilot and owns the second largest aviation company in the United States. He has passionately transformed the private jet industry and is now all set to take other businesses to the next level.


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