Paul Parmar – A creative Individual with Incredible Business Understanding

Paul Parmar was born and brought up in Punjab (India). Taking advantage of his own capabilities and skills, he managed to reach to great heights. He is now the CEO of $3.3 billion Company having more than 700 employees in seven countries and global client list of 500.

Paul Parmar is also a producer and owns a production house “Funky Buddha Group”. It is a vibrant company involved in the creation of content, event management, celebrity management and media research both in India and Hollywood stream. He is also a dynamic financier in Funky Buddha Media, Illusions, Inc., Insignia Investment Management Group, Insignia Wealth Management Group, and International Imaging Network. He is a Director at Beyond Luxury Watch Boutique Pvt. Ltd., Physicians Practice Management, and MDTablet, LLC. You may follow Paul Parmar on Facebook to know more about his social activities.

Apart from his professional life, he is a humanitarian and frequently contributes to several faith-based charities, and to the firefighters, police and defense foundations. He has immense appreciation for animals and is seen spending his free time with his five dogs. He resides in super stunning mansion in Colt’s Neck, NJ and also maintains residences in Texas, Switzerland and India. He believes it’s not about necessity but about his interests and passion. He has recently purchased 140 acres of land in Texas to build a tiger refugee for the abandoned and abused tigers. He is also passionate about flying planes and owns the fleet of three personal jets.


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