Paul Parmar – A New York Based world famous entrepreneur and producer

With the increasing pressures to enhance the transparency of the systems, there is an urgent need to re-define the business processing in order to reap the results you always desired for your business. Pegasus Blue Star – a private investment firm takes a lead step to develop advanced business models and process automation solutions that can improve the working of your business. The professionals of Pegasus Blue Star are highly experienced, knowledgeable and intelligent. They are dedicated to deliver work meeting the highest grades of quality and perfectionism.

The founding partner and chairman of the company – Mr. Paul Parmar is a thought leader and an individual with exceptional mental abilities and skills. He acquired exceptional skills right from his early age. At the age of 19, he earned the famous “Young Scientist of the Year” award by National Science Congress. On that basis, many reputed companies from UK, US and Germany offered him jobs. He founded Pegasus Blue Star in 2004, with an aim of improving the processing of the businesses. You may follow Paul Parmar on Twitter to know more about his activities.

Through Pegasus, Paul Parmar hold the portfolio of profitable companies operating in India and US ranging in healthcare, media and entertainment, private jet and real estate industry. Apart from his investment activities, Paul Parmar is a producer and owns a production house, Funky Buddha Group. He has produced several hit movies including,” before the devil knows, you’re dead, my sexiest year, etc. Follow Paul Parmar on Fandango to know about his media and entertainment life.


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