Paul Parmar – A talented and Inquisitive Business Strategist and Producer

Pegasus Blue Star is a private equity firm. Its working strategy is to own the companies which have competitive advantages but are not able to perform well. The professionals from Pegasus Blue Star, then implements business staregies on it to build its market value and then sells off. The chairman and CEO of the Company, Mr. Paul Parmar says owning the companies completely give him sense of personal attachment and he could better concentrate on increasing its value.

Paul Parmar is a world famous business strategist and entrepreneur who invest in companies to build its market value. He is man with exceptional mental abilities and skills who focus all his attention on building the business models by leveraging technology that can improve the performance of your business. You may follow Paul Parmar on Twitter to learn more about his latest investment activities.

Apart from his investment activities, Paul Parmar has interest in movies and entertainment. He is also a producer and owns the production house “Funky Buddha Group”. It is a company that is involved with the production of films, management of events and celebrities and holds extensive media research both in India and US. He has been associated with many prominent personalities from Hollywood and India. To know more his film career, track Paul Parmar on Fandango. He has produced several hit movies including “My sexiest Year”,”Blackout”,”Before Devil Knows, You’re Dead”. Additionally, Paul Parmar is also a philanthropist and activities contribute to several faith based associations and charities.


One thought on “Paul Parmar – A talented and Inquisitive Business Strategist and Producer

  1. Nice post about Mr. Paul Parmar. He is really an inspirational Person And achieved alot in his younger age. Keep sharing more information about him. Thank you


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