A New York Based Business Strategist and Producer – Paul Parmar

Paul Parmar is one of the newest faces that have set an example to the many. Since 1930’s, most of the America’s wealth came from inherited wealth, but the trends has changed in the past few years. Paul Parmar is the prime example of the modern day’s multimillionaire. He is a self made business strategist and global entrepreneur who managed to reach to great heights using his own abilities and skills. Mr. Paul Parmar started with no family money or financial support. Today he is the founding partner and chairman of the $3.3 billion company Pegasus Blue Star. It is a versatile company that is involved with the development of business strategies and process automation solutions for the fortune companies all over the world. To know more about entrepreneur’s organization New Delhi Chapter, you may visit his official website.

Paul Parmar is leading a life that you could not dream of. He resides in his super amazing mega mansion spread across 39,000 square feet’s in Colt’s Neck, New Jersey. He also maintains residencies at Switzerland, Texas and New Delhi. On being asked he says it’s not about necessity but about his status that he enjoys. His amazing mansion has all the basic amenities and luxuries that you could dream of. It has bowling alley, three swimming pools, wine cellar, bar and much more. Paul Parmar is also a producer and owns a production house “Funky Buddha Group”. It is a dynamic company involved with the production of content, media research, event management and celebrity management both in India and the US.


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