A Closer Look at the Achievements of Paul Parmar

Paul Parmar is the CEO and the founding partner of the private investment firm Pegasus Blue Star. It is a versatile company that holds the portfolio of various profitable companies both in India and the US ranging in real estate and property, healthcare sector, media and entertainment and private jet industry. Paul Parmar is a thought leader and has over 13 years of experience at the managerial, executive and planning levels. He has been helping the fortune companies all over the world to develop business strategies and process automation solutions that can enhance the productivity and performance of your system.

Paul Parmar was born and brought in Punjab. He was innovative with his ideas right from his childhood. At the age of 19, he earned the prominent “Young Scientist of the year” award from National Science Congress. Then he came to US to pursue his skills and career. He founded Pegasus Blue Star with an intention of helping the fortune countries all over the world to implement advanced business models by leveraging technology. To may follow Paul Parmar on Slideshare to get a glimpse of his latest investments.

Paul Parmar resides in his super amazing mansion in Colts Neck, New Jersey. His mega mansion is spread across 39,000 square feet’s and has almost everything that you dream of. On being asked, he said It’s not about necessity”, but about the status he enjoys. Paul Parmar has immense passion for flying airplanes. He owns the second largest aviation company in the United States and three personal jets.


2 thoughts on “A Closer Look at the Achievements of Paul Parmar

  1. I am highly pleased with the excellent services of the Pegasus Blue Star. It was such a pleasure working with them. They are highly professional, intelligent and helpful. I recommend them high.


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