Meet the man of the world – Paul Parmar

With the rise in demand to keep a check on the increasing costs, Pegasus Blue Star brings to you the world class business strategies and models that can improve the functioning of your business. It is a private investment firm that helps businesses to develop strategies and process automation solutions that can help your business to grow and reach to great heights. The contribution of Pegasus Blue Star in the healthcare sector is highly appreciable.

paul parmarThe founding partner and chairman of the company, Paul Parmar is a man with exceptional mental abilities and leadership qualities. He is popularly known by the title “a man of the world”. He is a world famous business strategist and entrepreneur who has more than 13 years of experience in the managerial, executive and planning levels. To get latest updates, you may follow Paul Parmar on Twitter. He has invested in various cancer centers where patients are given quality treatment using the advanced equipments. The web based RCM system, EHR and outsourcing services as suggested by Pegasus Blue Star can improve the performance and productivity of your business. To view Paul Parmar’s executive profile and biography , you may visit Businessweek.

Apart from his investment activities, Paul Parmar is associated with many other social and charitable activities. He is a prominent producer, philanthropist and animal lover. He resides in his super amazing mansion in Colts Neck, New Jersey. It has bowling alley, gym, wine cellar, theatre, swimming pools and almost everything that you could imagine. He has immense love and appreciation for animals. He has purchased several hundred acres of land in Texas to create a tiger refugee for the abandoned and abused tigers.


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