An Inspiring Revolutionist and Business Strategist – Paul Parmar

Paul Parmar is a global entrepreneur and business strategist helping the leading companies all over the world to develop business strategies and process automation solutions. He is the CEO and founding partner of a private investment firm Pegasus Blue Star . It is a world renowned company specialized in building investment strategies. Through Pegasus, Paul Parmar holds a portfolio of various profitable companies in the India and US ranging in real estate and property, media and entertainment, healthcare etc.

Paul Parmar has over 13 years of experience at the managerial, executive and planning levels. He is also an active financier in Funky Buddha Media, Illusions, Inc., JetNetwork and JetFirst, Air Support, LLC and TADS, and International Imaging Network, Insignia Investment Management Group, Insignia Wealth Management Group. He was innovative with his ideas right from his childhood. At the age of 19, he earned the prestigious “Young Scientist of the Year “ award by National Science Congress. He started his career with no financial support or family money. He founded Pegasus Blue Star with an aim of transforming the operational structure of the leading companies all over the world. He works on how to implement advanced business models that can improve the functioning of the firm, thereby decreasing costs, enhancing productivity and improving efficiency of the firm.

He has helped more than 500 clients all over the world through his intelligence and expertise. Pegasus Blue Star has more than 700 employees in seven countries and is planning to expand its services over the world.


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