How is Information Technology Effecting Healthcare Industry? Know from Paul Parmar

Do not get surprised when you visit a hospital and doctor or physician uses an I-Pad to record your information and medical records electronically. It is acceptable because modern healthcare is so complicated that it would have involved hours of tiring paperwork and resources to track the information of the patient otherwise. Healthcare has now emerged out as a “health informatics” which comprises the use of information technology in healthcare business to streamline the business functioning. Health Informatics can be thought of a perfect blend of technology and healthcare, Says Paul Parmar – CEO of private equity firm Pegasus Blue Star.

With the advent of healthcare informatics, you can simplify your business operations, avoid repeated entries or duplicate tests and can provide improved patient care to the patients. According to the recent studies as conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago’s (UIC), it has been proved that you can make better and informed decisions when everything you require is handy. It would be easy for you to directly access the patient records and avoid tiring paperwork with the Health IT tools.

Paul Parmar is a global visionary and business strategist who believes with the widespread use of IT tools in the healthcare industry, you can improve the quality of patients care, minimize medical errors, enhance administrative efficiencies and improve the overall performance of the organization. Health IT provides you a competitive advantage and helps you to outshine your competitors by providing you an improved yet cost effective approach.

IT is a support group in the medical world, Says Paul Parmar. If the physicians are not efficient, the quality of patient care suffers which in return can have adverse effect the financial stability of your organization.


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