Get To Know About Pegasus Blue Star – A New York Based Private Equity Firm

Pegasus Blue Star is a private investment firm and venture capital firm specializing in incubation, early-venture, mid-venture, late-venture, middle markets, and buyouts investments. Founded by Paul Parmar, the highly reputed firm has over 700 employees in seven countries and global client list of 500. CEO and Chairman, Paul Parmar is a world renowned business strategist and global entrepreneur who help leading companies all over the world to make their investments gainful.

Pegasus Blue Star is a $3.3 billion company out of which $500 million of the base capital was invested by Paul Parmar himself. Through Pegasus, Mr. Parmar invests in industries like real estate and property, aerospace, private jet industry and healthcare. He holds the management, consulting and public accounting services at its target companies. He follows an intelligent investment strategy of owning the companies with competitive advantages at relatively low price, building their market value and then selling them. Paul Parmar believes owning the company completely gives him a sense of personal attachment and he can focus better on it to build its market value. He also purchases small companies that are performing fairly well and implement strategies to increase their scale, and in so-doing, increase their value.

Pegasus Blue Star approaches companies with a proven business model that are looking for “smart capital” to provide the strategic vision and financial assistance to take the business to the next level. The firm expertly understands their needs and focus on improving the profitability and performance of their organization.


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