Understand the Concept of Outsourcing Medical Practices with Paul Parmar

The global health industry is experiencing pressures to improve their bottom lines. Many medical practices and hospitals have gone bankrupt or are on the verge of going. The various factors contributing to this miserable situation are expectations of patient, reimbursement rules, government policies and contracts that limit the ability of the healthcare practices to decrease costs. For many related to the healthcare industry, this scenario is depressing.

Pegasus Blue Star, owned and operated by the business strategist, Paul Parmar is a private investment firm helping the fortune companies all over the world to develop business strategies and streamline their business operations. As the CEO and chief business architect for the Pegasus Blue Star, Mr. Parmar trained the executives from many fortune 100 businesses in process optimization and automation, helping them to make dramatic improvements to their bottom lines. Paul Parmar comprehends over the past few years, the trend of outsourcing non-medical processes to third parties has increased and this has spawned the growth of cost-effective revenue control management system. Understanding the scope of various lucrative opportunities to improve the performance of your health organization, Paul Parmar explains the entire scenario of outsourcing medical and non-medical services.

Paul Parmar recommends understanding the financial structure of your firm before indulging in outsourcing practices. A strong and well-planned approach can help you reduce costs by 20%. Today, there are number of third party providers that can help an organization with their support needs. But the most annoying part about these third party providers is that they focus only on several elements and neglect the important ones. Your focus should be on delivering better patient care and high quality services while saving on for yourself.


One thought on “Understand the Concept of Outsourcing Medical Practices with Paul Parmar

  1. All the information about Outsourcing Medical Practices is really good and clear . I am totally impressed . Keep sharing more about this.
    Thank you.


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