Paul Parmar Puts Light on Top Challenge Faced by Healthcare Industries

Healthcare systems and hospitals are facing pressures to keep pace with the changing business environments. Healthcare executives need to develop strong vision about the future to keep the functioning of their organization right on track. Paul Parmar – CEO of the private investing firm Pegasus Blue Star puts light on the top challenges faced by the global healthcare industry. He has over 13 years of experience at the managerial and executive levels for world’s 500 fortune companies. He is an individual with ingenious mind and uses his intelligence to develop business strategies that can improve the overall functioning of the firm. He is also a world famous self made financer and business strategist. To know more about him, you may visit

Paul Parmar believes that there are faults with the traditional operating systems and an effective approach needs to be implemented that can overcome the flaws. Just like any other services, public demand transparency and accountancy in healthcare services as well. Therefore, to cope up with the changing requirements of the people, government and health laws, there is an urgent need to find effective solutions that can significantly handle the varying needs of the people.

Paul Parmar along with his team conducted extensive market research and developed advanced and effective business models like Electronic Health Records, web based revenue control management system, outsourcing in-house services etc that can cut down the operational costs, administrative burden and improve the profitability and performance of your organization. The legendary step taken by the business strategist is sure of change the fate of the entire healthcare industry.


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