Pegasus Consulting Group is a company providing outsourced integrated processing solutions to health care service providers. Led by its founder Mr. Paul Parmar it works on the basic premise that any process that cannot be done cost-effectively in-house needs to be outsourced to a professional for optimum benefit.

Mr. Paul Parmar is a visionary and an innovator, leading a change in the competitive RCM market place.  The services and products designed by the group ensure that they can quite easily and effectively be integrated with the majority of HER and RCM solutions that their clients are presently using. So they can adopt the group’s ancillary services, without having to discard the processing solutions that they have so far been used to. Pegasus Consulting Group offers a holistic and fully integrated suite of services and products, for all their systems, BPO and process optimization services.

With 20 years of experience to back, the group is able to offer its clients a holistic and fully integrated IT tools to fully automate all healthcare practice processes. From patient portals, to automated- coding, transcription, billing, claims submission, payment posting. Further they offer practice management tools such as EHR, Accounting, Finance, HR/payroll, administration and purchasing.  The group provides consulting services, for the implementation of the above technology stack and associated process improvements.

The company feels that they most definitely have an advantage over their competitors as they are able to offer a fully integrated range of service and products as against others who offer point solutions that cannot be easily integrated in the existing solutions of the healthcare provider.

The Business Process Outsourcing services that the group provides is very comprehensive in nature,and include complete revenue cycle management services such as :-

1.    Transcription
2.    Coding
3.    Claims Processing
4.    Payment Processing and Posting
5.    Denial Management and Follow-up
6.    Patient Billing and Collection
7.    Management    Reporting
8.    Business Intelligence and Analytics
9.    Ancillary Support- such as payer contract negotiation support, credentialing and litigation and audit support.

Going through the above very exhaustive list of service provided by the group, it is quite obvious that the group wishes to position itself as a leader in this new competitive environment and have the managerial resource to back them.


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