Paul Parmar – A man of the World

Paul Parmar is a world famous business strategist and entrepreneur who has holdings in numerous companies ranging from diverse areas such as entertainment and media, real estate, finance, healthcare, finance, strategic consulting, etc. Paul Parmar’s production house Funky Buddha Group is a versatile company involved in content production, films, worldwide distribution, celebrity management, event management, etc.

He is also the founder and chairman of $3.3 billion Pegasus Blue Star Fund, a private equity investing firm. Pegasus Blue Star is helping the businesses and companies all over the world to increase their business efficiency by leveraging technology. The firm prefers investing in service oriented companies with attention on healthcare, aerospace and jet, business services, media and entertainment, real estate industry.

Pegasus Blue Star Fund mainly focuses on managing the portfolio of small, mid-sized and large organizations. Mr. Paul Parmar understands the uniqueness of every business and thrives to provide a solution that can effectively improve the bottom line, enhance efficiency and boost performance. He provides strategies and operations utilizing which you can significantly take your business to new heights.

Apart from his professional life, he is an animal lover. He spends his leisure time with his five dogs. He has recently purchased 140 acres land in Texas to create a tiger refugee for the abandoned tigers. He is a philanthropist and loves flying airplanes. Paul Parmar currently resides in Colts Neck, New Jersey and also maintains residence at Lighthouse Point, Switzerland, Florida, Texas and New Delhi.


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