Pegasus Blue Star’s Back Office Outsourcing Services Effectively Re-Shaping the Healthcare Industry

When a healthcare provider suddenly becomes dynamic and cost-efficient, there’s a good chance Pegasus Blue Star Fund services and software will be the reason. Confused? Let us explain…

Managing operations that need improvement within your healthcare organization can be a source of worry, confounded by the hard job of trying to maximize staff productivity while reducing costs. Recognize yourself in that description? Fortunately Pegasus Blue Star has the solution.

Spiraling costs and decreasing bottom lines create a whole host of challenges for health industry organizations, among which we find:-

  • High Energy Costs
  • Increasing healthcare expenses
  • Lack of manpower
  • Ever more complicated and weighty Statutory Regulations, etc.

The medical industry is increasingly turning to “Back Office Outsourcing” as a way to slow down increases in costs. Those lab tests you collected last week or that X-ray you had were probably analyzed by a radiologist or lab technician sitting on the other side of the world, more importantly on a cheaper side of the world, a classic example of back office outsourcing.

Pegasus Blue Star Fund is a 20-year-old private equity firm specializing in the provision of high quality healthcare services and investment opportunities. We strive to deliver an intelligent platform that will enable you to provide excellent patient care while reducing your costs. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you so we are there when you need us.


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